All pre-owned cars offered under the Das WeltAuto brand are inspected, serviced and repaired in the most thorough manner. When it comes to technical condition or appearance, our dealers do not accept compromises and guarantee the high quality of the result. After all, whoever chooses Das WeltAuto knows the value of safety and reliability.

By choosing cars with Das WeltAuto mileage, you get the opportunity to enjoy a number of advantages:

  • Warranty for cars with mileage
  • Technical control
  • Professional sales training
  • A true trade-in
  • Test ride
  • Exchange guaranteed
  • Financing and insurance
  • Guarantee of mobility
  • Additional equipment and accessories

Warranty for cars with mileage

At Das WeltAuto dealerships, you have the opportunity to purchase cars with mileage covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty or Das WeltAuto Guaranteed Service. This benefit is designed to increase the level of your financial security, because all technical defects covered by the coverage program will be eliminated free of charge and in good quality by your Das WeltAuto dealer. Detailed information about the service can be found in the Das WeltAuto Quality Certificate or directly in the information brochure.

Technical control

Das WeltAuto dealers diligently and responsibly check every car with mileage. High accuracy is required in checking both technical and external components of the car. The completeness of restorative repairs according to the manufacturer’s standards is our first priority. This process guarantees high quality, clarity and transparency, which in turn gives you confidence in every Das WeltAuto vehicle.

Professional sales training

Buying a used car, in any case, is an emotional decision, and the first impression has almost the biggest impact on it. That’s why all Das WeltAuto cars have high requirements for the quality of preparation. We try to make each Das WeltAuto vehicle unsurpassed by providing professional preparation inside and out using specialized tools.

A true trade-in

As part of the “Das WeltAuto” program, we offer you a fair, transparent and market-sensitive service of exchanging your car for a new or another car with mileage according to the terms and payment specified in the relevant contracts. The advantage for you is that we undertake all obligations to remove possible obstacles. You do not need to spend your time and energy on searching for buyers, exhausting communication with them, checking the technical condition, carrying out service and repair activities, as well as long waiting for the moment of sale.

Test ride

Do not refuse a test drive, because only during the test of the car you will get real feelings and emotions. An authorized Das WeltAuto dealer will help organize such a trip. He is the contact person for all questions regarding the car of your dreams. Immediately agree on the date and time of the test trip.

Exchange guaranteed

When buying a car with mileage, it is important to know for sure that the right choice has been made. We want to reassure you: if for one reason or another you are not satisfied with your choice, the Das WeltAuto dealer will provide the opportunity to exchange the previously purchased car for another car of the same price or more expensive (with a surcharge) within one week from the date of handing over the car.

Note: Please note that a previously purchased vehicle is subject to exchange only if it corresponds to the condition in which it was handed over to the buyer, taking into account natural wear and tear according to the distance traveled since the handover. Check with Das WeltAuto dealers for detailed information on the terms of exchange of the purchased vehicle.

Financing and insurance

Das WeltAuto dealers are competent not only in matters of choosing your future Das WeltAuto car. They will gladly acquaint you with the current leasing and credit programs and prepare an individual financial proposal that meets your needs and wishes. In addition, you have the opportunity to immediately insure the selected car. In cooperation with Porsche Finance Group Ukraine, we will do everything possible to make your choice as simple, transparent, comfortable and profitable as possible.

Guarantee of mobility

The “Das WeltAuto” program is not limited to the sale of a car. When buying a car with Das WeltAuto mileage, you additionally get the opportunity to use a whole range of services included in the “Das WeltAuto Mobility Guarantee” service. The Mobility Guarantee offers assistance in case of technical malfunctions (breakdowns), traffic accidents, accidents, injury or illness of the driver, as well as informational assistance and concierge services. The Das WeltAuto mobility guarantee is valid for 12 months from the moment the car is handed over to the customer. Find out in the information brochure about all the details of the mobility guarantee from Das WeltAuto.

Additional equipment and accessories

When choosing a car with mileage, the issue of personalization of appearance and functionality is of particular importance. Das WeltAuto dealers will order and install the desired original spare parts and accessories for you. Thus, the car you choose will be able to fully meet individual requirements.
Note: When choosing original spare parts and accessories for a car with mileage, please pay attention to whether the Das WeltAuto dealer is an authorized partner of the car brand whose accessories you need.

Контрольний лист Das WeltAuto

Партнери Das WeltAuto працюють з великим переліком параметрів технічного контролю автомобіля з пробігом, щоб мати змогу досконало і відповідально його перевірити. Цей структурований процес не припускає жодних недоліків у технічній, а також оптичній складовій перевірки. Якщо виникає необхідність ремонту, то це завдання виконується відповідально і якісно. Лише за умови проходження ретельної перевірки і виконання усіх необхідних робіт, автомобіль отримує знак якості «Das WeltAuto».

Das WeltAuto control sheet

Das WeltAuto partners work with a large list of technical control parameters of a car with mileage, in order to be able to check it perfectly and responsibly. This structured process does not imply any deficiencies in the technical as well as the optical component of the inspection. If there is a need for repair, then this task is performed responsibly and qualitatively. Only if it passes a thorough inspection and performs all the necessary work, the car receives the “Das WeltAuto” quality mark.

Agreed by Das WeltAuto

We provide Guaranteed Service for a vehicle with mileage that has passed the Das WeltAuto inspection. This service is ideal for your Das WeltAuto car and allows you to eliminate future troubles today. Guaranteed service covers the following car components: engine, transmission, clutch, drive shafts, brake system, fuel system, cooling and heating systems, electrical parts and equipment, safety systems, etc. According to the terms of the Guaranteed Service, the cost of work and materials is reimbursed within the defined coverage program. We strive for Das WeltAuto car buyers, regardless of make and model, to receive safety and reliability at the level of a new car.