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The mass media identified the wife of a Russian soldier who is ready to torture Ukrainian children

“Schem” journalists managed to find a Russian woman who, in a conversation with the occupying husband, complained about Ukrainian children who ended up in the Russian Federation and refused to celebrate May 9, explaining that it was “not their holiday.” The woman declared that she was ready to torture Ukrainians and urged her husband to kill them.

The SBU published the intercepted conversation of a Russian serviceman with his wife on May 11. “Schemes” identified the spouses with the help of data provided by employees of the Ukrainian special service.

The journalists found out that the voice of the woman on the SBU recordings belongs to the Russian citizen Yulia Kopytova. Yulia’s husband is Volodymyr Kopytov. By his phone number, you can find several almost empty profiles in social networks.

One of them has almost no information, but in this profile Volodymyr describes himself as follows: “a real psycho, but not immoral.”

Another profile of Volodymyr in the Vkontakte social network with a changed last name.

Thanks to specialized services, journalists were able to find two photos of a Russian soldier, which he once published on this page, but then deleted.

The man is 31 years old, he is from the city of Yartsevo, Smolensk Region. Currently, there are no photos on his social networks, he left only the status that he is “deeply married” as public.

Julia’s page, linked to the phone number from which the conversation was conducted, is not active on the network. But the journalists managed to find a photo of the woman and find out what she does.

Yuliya Kopytova – nee Tsygankova – 30 years old. She is from the village of Przhevalske, Smolensk region of Russia.

Tsygankova got married in 2020 and became Kopytova, according to the sources of journalists in the Russian justice system.

According to data from the same sources, in 2019 the woman worked in a children’s clinical hospital in the Smolensk region.

Journalists contacted Kopytov by phone. Yuliya refused to speak with media representatives, and Volodymyr spoke with journalists, but denied that his and his wife’s voices were on the recordings.

She refused to talk to journalists and have a military man. She said she could not talk to her son because there was allegedly no contact with him. Journalists let the woman listen to the SBU recording.

“What relation do I have to all this? What are you brainwashing me? Did my son say something there? If she said something, then deal with her,” Volodymyr’s mother replied.

Earlier, ZMINA reported that the journalists named the couple who discussed the rape of Ukrainian women in their conversation. This is 27-year-old Roman Bykovskyi and his wife Olga Bykovskaya, née Pinyasov. Both come from the Oryol region of the Russian Federation.

We will remind, the coalition “Ukraine. Five in the Morning”, which includes the ZMINA Human Rights Center, collects and documents war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Russian invasion for national and international justice mechanisms.

Such crimes are considered to be:

  • intentional killings and infliction of grievous suffering;
  • torture and inhuman treatment;
  • rape;
  • destruction and appropriation of property not caused by military necessity;
  • forcing civilians or prisoners of war to serve in the armed forces of the Russian Federation;
  • using the population as “human shields”;
  • deportation to Russia or its occupied territories;
  • kidnapping and illegal arrests of civilians;
  • taking hostages;
  • attacks on military personnel who have stopped participating in hostilities;
  • treacherous use of the uniform or signs of the opposing army, the emblem of the Red Cross;
  • use of prohibited weapons (for example, cluster ammunition);
  • use of poisonous substances;
  • attacks on religious and cultural institutions;
  • looting of public and personal property, etc.

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